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What about men?

When we promote our services as female only, it is not unusual for someone to ask, "What about support for men?" 

So, on this page we are going to address: 

  • Why we are a female only organisation
  • Support for men
  • Support for those who do not identify as male or female.

Why Women Only?

At the Chrysalis Centre for Change we work with adults who identify as female because there continues to be a high demand for female only spaces. Having services that cater to one particular group - eg women, men, LGBT+ offers people a choice to access spaces with others who have similar experiences due to that particular characteristic.

The reasons women request these spaces are varied, but the overriding concern tends to be one of safety. Women tell us that when accessing support for mental health or domestic abuse they feel physically and emotionally safer in female only spaces, which is vital when engaging with therapeutic services.

There are many issues which disproportionately affect women, domestic abuse being one of them. For more information about this, Women’s Aid is a great source of research showing the alarming statistics:

Domestic Abuse is a Gendered Crime

Even if you don't identify as female yourself services that support and empower women benefit entire communities - whether it's your mum, sister, aunty, niece, daughter, friend, grandma, nan... we all have females in our lives that we care about and their wellbeing impacts our own and your relationship with them. 

"The intimate nature of what some women have suffered would be impossible for them to disclose and discuss in front of men. Women need a space where they can access support, free from exposure to the very people they fear. Including men in the service, as users or staff, would definitely drive some of the most vulnerable and isolated women away"

"Personally I would feel less likely to be open and honest about my mental health issues if it was a mixed group"

What our service users say:

"I think that a similar service for men would be a really good idea!"

"I don't have any issues with men being able to access services, I think they are just as much at risk of domestic violence. I do however feel men think differently to women with regards to their mental health"

Where can I get help if I am male?

Chrysalis Centre for Change has lots of links with other organisations - general and specialist. We care very much about everyone’s mental health and safety and have provided some information on our More Help & Support Pages specifically for men.

For a more detailed list of support - crisis, general and specialist please visit our “More Help & Support Page.

As part of our balanced approach, we do have two male Board Members - Andy and Rob - both of whom are passionate about mental health and domestic abuse. See what they have to say in the videos below:

2 videos

Rob May is a Watch Manager for Merseyside Fire & Rescue.

Andy Vint is our Chairperson. Find out more about Andy on our Team page. Here is what he has to say about mental health and domestic abuse