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Chrysalis is full of butterflies - 

women who have broken free from struggle,

taken flight and transformed their lives. 

A message 

from our CEO, 

Siân Thomas

In 2004, I was in the most difficult period of my life and I made the decision to reach out to the 

Chrysalis Centre for support. I will never forget how daunting that first step was, 

and how grateful I am for the life-changing support I received.

I went on to become a volunteer for many years before becoming a paid member of the team, and now many years later I am honoured to be the CEO of this wonderful charity that truly transforms lives. And I’m not alone, the team at Chrysalis all have personal as well as professional experience, giving us a unique empathy and understanding as we support, empower & inspire you into creating the life you want.

You can read my story here

We believe our personal experience is just as invaluable as our professional credentials and we believe that transformation starts with us. You can read some of the team's inspiring tales below

Inspiring Women

Julie Roby, Manager

15 March 2020

Julie's story.... coming soon

Lindsay Vint, Assessor / Facilitator

14 February 2020

Lindsay's story... coming soon

Mary Green, Assessor / Support Worker

15 January 2020

Mary's Story... coming soon

Inspiring Women

Sue Middleton, Counsellor

15 March 2020

Sue's story.... coming soon

Tracey Haskayne, Counsellor

14 February 2020

Tracey's story... coming soon

Angela Shaw, Admin/Coordinator / Counsellor

15 January 2020

Angela's Story... coming soon